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Are you tired of the dating scene? 

Waiting for calls that never come? 

Looking for unconditional love, and tired of looking in all the wrong places?

Marry My Cat? explores the many reasons why you want to Marry My Cat?

These books available at take a humorous view at some of the many issues that arise in the relationships between men and women.


     Some of the reasons to Marry My Cat?

          We don't need a prenuptial.
          They are always happy to see me.
          They are faithful and loyal.
          They never lie.

          They are low maintenance.
          They already have a fur coat!

These are a few of the many reasons found in the books Marry My Cat? ~ 50 Reasons for Men ~ and Marry My Cat? ~ 60 Reasons For Women ~.

For a preview of the books click on the following links:


     Marry My Cat? for Men 
     Marry My Cat? for Women.

Marry My Cat? is brought to you by Morc and Mindi - two adopted cats that have brought their staff hours of enjoyment. 

At this site they will be providing you with a cats' eye view of the world, health care and review of feline products. 

They have a free download available "The ABC's of Cat Care" to help you in the performance of your duties.

Remember: Thousands of years ago, cats were worshiped as Gods. They have never forgotten this.

Emily - cover cat from Marry My Cat - For Men

Marry My Cat? is devoted to cats and cat lovers of the world.

Cats are unique creatures and outnumber dogs as a household pet.

Although they may appear aloof at times, they can be very affectionate and devoted pets. Additionally, cats have a number of beneficial health affects for their owners. 

Did you know that cat owners have a reduced risk of heart disease and strokes? A medical study conducted by the University of Minnesota bears this out. 

Dog owners do not get the same benefits...

What are your reasons to Marry My Cat?

We have over 250 reasons to Marry My Cat? and more keep popping up.  These will be forthcoming in future books. 

If you have reasons to Marry My Cat? please submit them to us

If we use your reasons in upcoming books you will  receive credit and a free, autographed copy of the book when published. 

To enter, please submit up to 5 reason(s) on the attached Marry My Cat Submittal form for consideration.

All submissions become the property of Marry My Cat? and we retain all rights.


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Gato - Proposal

Marry My Cat? 

60 Reasons for Women

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Emily - Proposal

Marry My Cat?

50 Reasons For Men

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